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The Top Quality Fishing Flies from Discountflies

A Family Run Business with a Commitment to Quality

Since 1999, Discountflies Online Fly Shop has been a family-run business dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality fishing flies. With a team of skilled fly tyers who are considered the best in the world, Discountflies ensures that every fly they produce is of “fly shop quality.”

No Middlemen, Direct Imports

One of the reasons why Discountflies can offer such high-quality flies at affordable prices is because they import directly, cutting out all middlemen. By eliminating unnecessary costs, customers can save on each purchase.

Using the Best Materials for Superior Flies

Discountflies takes pride in using only top-quality materials for their flies. They source their hackle from Whiting Farms and materials from reputable suppliers like Wapsi, Hareline, Gamakatsu, Tiemco, and Daiichi. Each fly is meticulously crafted with chemically sharpened hooks. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of materials used.

Stringent Quality Control for Customer Satisfaction

Before any fly is sent to a customer, Discountflies ensures that it undergoes strict quality control measures. Every fly is carefully inspected, guaranteeing that customers receive only the best products. This attention to detail sets Discountflies apart in providing truly “fly shop quality” flies.

Widely Trusted in the Industry

Discountflies’ commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation among fly fishing enthusiasts worldwide. Over 200 high-quality brick-and-mortar fly shops, as well as numerous guides and lodges, trust and purchase Discountflies’ high-quality flies. Their popularity speaks volumes about the superior craftsmanship and durability of their products.

No Compromise on Quality

While Discountflies offers affordable prices, that doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. The company is determined not to be mistaken for selling cheap, low-quality flies. They are fully aware that quality is paramount to customer satisfaction and are willing to invest in providing the very best. Discountflies spares no expense in ensuring that customers receive flies of the highest quality.

Avoiding Inferior Sources

Discountflies takes pride in the fact that their flies are not tied in Kenya or by U.S prisoners. They acknowledge that flies from these sources consistently exhibit inferior quality. By avoiding these suppliers, Discountflies maintains their commitment to delivering top-notch products.

A Rewarding Work Environment

The tyers who produce Discountflies’ fishing flies are not only skilled but also passionate about their craft. The company pays its tyers premium prices, acknowledging the extra time and effort required to create durable, high-quality flies. These wages exceed the minimum wage, and the company provides incentives for tyers to consistently produce the best flies in the industry. The employees take great pride in their work and in the products they create.

Experience the Difference

In conclusion, Discountflies Online Fly Shop stands out in the market for its commitment to providing customers with the best fishing flies available. With a family-run business model, direct imports, top-quality materials, strict quality control, and passionate tyers, Discountflies continues to satisfy customers worldwide. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee invites you to experience the difference and trust in the excellence provided by Discountflies.

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