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Opinions on Grundens and Other Fly Fishing Gear at Ed’s Fly Shop

Grundens: Quality and Selection

Grundens is a well-known brand in the world of fly fishing, and Ed’s Fly Shop is proud to offer their latest items. The Grundens Deviation 6 Inch Ankle Boot in brown, originally priced at $134.99, is now available for just $109.99. This is a great deal for anglers looking for a reliable and stylish boot for their outdoor adventures.

Another popular choice is the Grundens Deck-Boss Ankle Boot in brindle, which has also seen a price drop from $109.99 to $89.99. These ankle boots are designed to provide comfort, durability, and protection, making them an excellent investment for any angler.

If you prefer sandals for your fishing trips, the Grundens Fishfinder Sandal in dark brown is a fantastic option at just $69.99 (originally priced at $79.99). With their high-quality construction and comfortable fit, these sandals are perfect for warmer weather fishing.

For female anglers, the Grundens Women’s Deck-Mate 3-Point Sandal in maritime is a top seller. These sandals, previously priced at $64.99, are now available for $54.99. They offer both style and functionality, making them a must-have for women who love fly fishing.

Other Top Sellers at Ed’s Fly Shop

Apart from Grundens products, Ed’s Fly Shop offers a wide range of other popular fly fishing gear, including the Petitjean CDC Feathers in 1-gram bags. These feathers, priced at $13.95, are a favorite among fly tiers. They are known for their high quality and consistent performance, making them an essential addition to any angler’s collection.

TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet is another top seller at Ed’s Fly Shop. Originally priced at $22.95, it is now available for $19.99. This tippet material provides excellent knot strength and invisibility in the water, giving anglers a competitive advantage.

Oros Strike Indicators are also worth mentioning. Available in assorted colors in a pack of three, these strike indicators are now priced at $9.90, down from $12.99. They are highly durable and easy to use, making them a reliable choice for anglers who want to improve their strike detection.

UTC Ultra Thread 70 Denier offers multiple colors to choose from and is an essential item for fly tiers. Priced at $3.99, this thread is known for its strength and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of fly patterns.

Maxima Chameleon Fly Fishing Leader/Tippet Material is another trusted option. Originally priced at $6.15, it is now available for just $4.99. With its excellent abrasion resistance and reliable knot strength, this leader/tippet material is a go-to choice for many anglers.

Trustworthy Service at Ed’s Fly Shop

Founded in 2010 by Ed Leviness, Ed’s Fly Shop has become a trusted retailer in the fly fishing community. Originating from Ed’s passion for fly tying and fishing, the shop started small, selling vises out of Ed’s basement. Over time, it expanded its product offerings and eventually opened a physical store in Montrose, CO.

Ed and his team are dedicated to assisting both new and experienced anglers with their fly fishing needs. Whether it’s providing advice on equipment or answering fishing-related questions, the team at Ed’s Fly Shop is committed to offering outstanding customer service.

With a consistently high customer review rating of five stars on Google, Ed’s Fly Shop has established itself as a reliable destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. Anglers can trust that they will receive expert advice and find the right gear to enhance their fishing experience.

In conclusion, Grundens and other fly fishing gear at Ed’s Fly Shop offer excellent quality and value for anglers. With the latest deals on Grundens products and a selection of top-selling items from trusted brands, Ed’s Fly Shop is the go-to destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. The shop’s commitment to outstanding customer service further solidifies its reputation in the fly fishing community.

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