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A Review of Rigs Fly Fishing Guide School

Perfecting the Art of Fly Fishing

Rigs Fly Fishing Guide School offers an excellent opportunity for those who aspire to become competent walk-wade fly fishing or float fishing guides. With their experienced instructors and diverse range of fishing locations, Rigs provides a solid foundation for individuals looking to start a career in guiding.

A Focus on Excellence

What sets Rigs apart from other guide schools is their commitment to excellence and professionalism. Their instructors are seasoned fly fishing guides, owners, and managers, who possess expert knowledge and strong communication skills. By participating in Rigs’ fly fishing guide course, students can expect thoughtful, organized, and thorough training that will push their passion for fly fishing to a professional level.

Optimal Learning Environment

Rigs understands that individual attention and small class sizes are crucial for maximizing learning potential. By keeping the class sizes small, instructors can dedicate more time to each student, providing personalized guidance and support. This approach ensures that students receive the attention they need to develop the necessary skills to become successful fly fishing guides.

Certification and Accreditation

Rigs Fly Fishing Guide School is taught by certified river guide instructors in the state of Colorado. With their Orvis endorsement, Rigs believes in training guides to the highest standards. Students will learn what it takes to be an accredited fly fishing guide and receive the necessary certification to pursue their guiding career confidently.

Prime Locations for On-the-Water Instruction

The guide school locations offered by Rigs are situated on the lower Gunnison River, Uncompahgre River, and San Miguel River. These waters provide students with world-class access to quality on-the-water instruction. From remote and technical float fishing sections to fast and busy freestone rivers, Rigs ensures that students receive diverse fishing experiences that will prepare them for any guiding scenario.


If you have a passion for fly fishing and dreams of becoming a professional guide, look no further than Rigs Fly Fishing Guide School. With their expert instructors, small class sizes, and exceptional locations, Rigs provides aspiring guides with the perfect launchpad for their guiding career. Take the plunge and embark on a journey towards becoming a competent and successful fly fishing guide.

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