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The Wonderful Fly Fishing Opportunities Near Denver

Discovering Denver’s Fly Fishing Gems

Denver and its surrounding areas are blessed with incredible fly fishing opportunities. Since 2006, we have guided these locations near Denver and Colorado Springs, and we cannot wait to share them with you. When guests express their interest in booking a guided fly fishing trip, we always inquire about their particular goals and expectations. This enables us to create a personalized game plan to help them achieve their dream Colorado fly fishing day. It is worth noting that we offer two types of guided trips: private water and public water.

Private Water Fly Fishing Near Denver

One of our proud offerings is exclusive access to some of the best private water fishing spots in Colorado. Due to Colorado’s unique water laws, the landowners technically own the river bottom. Consequently, there are fantastic fly fishing opportunities that can only be accessed with the landowner’s permission. At Colorado Trout Hunters, we have nurtured relationships with landowners that allow us to bring our clients onto their private property. In exchange for a rod fee, we secure a large section of river solely reserved for your group. These private water fisheries offer a more forgiving fishing experience as the fish are less pressured. Whether you prefer the famous North Fork of the South Platte or smaller streams in South Park or Tarryall Creek, we can arrange a guided fly fishing trip on these unspoiled private waters. Fishing on private waters often feels like a glimpse into the past, with breathtaking stretches of water and no other people around. Each year, our clients land their biggest catches on these various private water leases.

Public Water Fly Fishing Near Denver

For anglers who prefer not to pay the extra rod fee for private water access or those who want to learn a local fishery they can revisit on their own, we are fortunate to have guide permits on some of the best public water fly fishing rivers near Denver. The South Platte River, which runs through our region, is our home river, and we primarily organize guided fly fishing trips on the South Platte near Deckers or the Dream Stream. These rivers offer highly technical fishing experiences, and our professional guides can help you navigate the nuances to maximize your success. Fishing on public water rivers near Denver can sometimes be crowded, but we assure you that it is for a good reason. Even with other anglers present, these rivers still provide excellent fly fishing opportunities. Our experienced guides possess an intimate knowledge of these rivers and can assist you in finding success on these fantastic fisheries located just outside Denver and Colorado Springs.

Embark on Your Dream Fly Fishing Vacation

Do not miss out on the incredible fly fishing opportunities that Colorado has to offer. Feel free to contact us at (303) 325-5515 if you have any questions or if we can assist you in planning your dream fly fishing vacation. We would be thrilled to guide you through the wonders of Denver’s fly fishing scene.

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