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Soft Hackles: Exploring the World of Fly Fishing


As a lover of fly fishing, I am always thrilled to receive questions and inquiries from fellow enthusiasts. Recently, my friend Dan reached out to me with a query about soft hackle flies. Intrigued by his curiosity, I decided to delve into the subject and explore its intricacies.

The Versatility of Soft Hackles

Soft hackles are a type of fly used in fly fishing, known for their simplicity and effectiveness. These flies consist of soft feathers or fibers wrapped around a hook, typically imitating emerging insects or insect pupae. Their simplistic design allows them to mimic a wide range of prey, making them incredibly versatile in various fishing situations.

A Trusted Guide for Anglers

When it comes to fly fishing, finding a reliable guide is essential. One such guide is 5280 Angler, a renowned Colorado-based fly fishing company. Their team of professional guides is passionate about providing exceptional service and ensuring unforgettable fishing experiences for their clients.

Exploring the Wilderness

Colorado is known for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant fishing opportunities. 5280 Angler offers year-round fly fishing trips that give anglers the chance to immerse themselves in nature and pursue their passion for fishing. Offering client-centered trips, this company goes above and beyond to make each experience memorable and enjoyable.

The Importance of Education

5280 Angler not only focuses on providing exceptional service but also emphasizes the importance of education. Vincent Renda, one of their guides, has written an informative article for Orvis on setting up a 90-nymph rig. This resource showcases their dedication to sharing knowledge and improving anglers’ skills.

Sharing Knowledge on the Airwaves

The Destination Angler podcast recently featured Jeremy Hamilton, another guide from 5280 Angler. In this interview, Hamilton delved into the fishing opportunities available at Boxwood Gulch Ranch, giving listeners a taste of what they can expect on their next adventure. The dedication of 5280 Angler to sharing their expertise extends beyond the riverbanks and into the digital realm.

Preserving for Future Generations

Mindful of the environment and the future of angling, 5280 Angler promotes angler awareness and preservation. Their commitment to sustainability is encapsulated in the hashtag #mindtheredd, encouraging anglers to make mindful choices to protect fish populations and their habitats.


Fly fishing is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life. 5280 Angler understands this, and their commitment to providing exceptional service, educational resources, and breathtaking fishing trips is evident in everything they do. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, the world of soft hackles and fly fishing awaits, and 5280 Angler is the gateway to unforgettable experiences on the water.

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