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The Exciting Fly Fishing Opportunities Near Denver

Private Water Fly Fishing Near Denver

Colorado is fortunate to have exceptional fly fishing locations near Denver, and since 2006, we have been guiding trips to these spots near Denver and Colorado Springs. We are excited to share these fantastic fishing spots with our guests. When booking a guided fly fishing trip, we are keen to understand our guests’ goals and expectations for the day. This allows us to create a customized game plan to help them achieve their Colorado fly fishing dreams. To begin, it is important to distinguish between two categories of guided fly fishing trips near Denver: private water and public water. In terms of private water fly fishing, we take pride in offering exclusive access to some of the best private water fishing in Colorado. In Colorado, we have unique water laws where landowners technically own the river bottom. This means that there are incredible fly fishing opportunities that can only be accessed with the landowner’s permission. At Colorado Trout Hunters, we have developed strong relationships with landowners, allowing us to bring our clients onto their private property in exchange for a rod fee. By paying this access fee, we reserve a large section of the river exclusively for your group. These private water fisheries provide a more forgiving fishing experience as the fish face less pressure. We can arrange guided fly fishing trips on private waters such as the renowned North Fork of the South Platte or smaller streams in South Park or Tarryall Creek. Fishing on private water transports you back in time, surrounded by the beauty of nature and with no other people around. Year after year, our largest fish are landed on our various private water leases, showcasing the astounding opportunities available.

Public Water Fly Fishing Near Denver

For those who prefer not to pay the additional rod fee for private water or for clients who wish to learn about a local fishery they can later explore on their own, we are fortunate to have guide permits on some of the best public water fly fishing rivers near Denver. The South Platte River, our home river, is where most of our guided fly fishing trips take place, specifically near Deckers or the Dream Stream. These public water fisheries can be quite technical, so embarking on a trip with one of our professional guides eliminates much of the guesswork. We love sharing tips and tricks with locals who are eager to enhance their success rate on these rivers during guided fly fishing trips with us. While public water rivers near Denver can become crowded, we firmly believe they are crowded for good reason – they offer exceptional fly fishing opportunities regardless of the presence of other people. The fish are still in the river, and they still need to eat. Our experienced guides possess an unparalleled knowledge of these rivers and can help you find success on these fantastic fisheries, just a short distance from Denver and Colorado Springs.

Get In Touch for Your Dream Fly Fishing Vacation

Experience the wonders of fly fishing in Colorado – a destination that boasts remarkable opportunities for enthusiasts. Should you have any questions or require assistance in planning your dream fly fishing vacation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (303) 325-5515. Our team is eager to share their knowledge and create an unforgettable experience for you.

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