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Opinions on Trout’s Fly Fishing Experience in Colorado

Exploring Colorado’s Angling Community with Trout’s Fly Fishing

Trout’s Fly Fishing has been serving the angling community in Colorado since 1995, and they take pride in offering unique fly fishing experiences on some of the most iconic trout streams in the state. With locations in Denver and Frisco, they specialize in curating memorable fishing trips led by experienced guides.

One of the notable aspects of Trout’s Fly Fishing is their attention to detail. They have partnered with the best brands in the industry to ensure that their clients have access to the best gear. From Scott rods to Ross reels and Simms waders and boots, every detail is taken care of to enhance the fishing experience.

The professional fly fishing guides at Trout’s Fly Fishing are top-notch. They are well-versed in curating memorable days on the water, and spending a day with them is a true privilege. The guides’ expertise and knowledge are invaluable in creating an enjoyable experience for guests.

Trout’s Fly Fishing operates on public lands under a special use permit from the U.S Bureau of Land Management. This allows them to provide access to some of the best fishing waters in Colorado. Denver, in particular, is an under-appreciated fly fishing destination, offering world-class fly fishing for trophy trout and warm water species. The fishing trips from Trout’s Denver location take place on various rivers, including the South Platte River, the North Fork of the South Platte River, and more.

Frisco, located in the heart of Summit County, is another excellent destination for trout fishing in the Rocky Mountains. With its surroundings full of trout-filled waters, Frisco offers a wide range of fishing opportunities. The trips from Trout’s Frisco location take place on rivers such as the Blue River, Colorado River, Arkansas River, and more. Whether it’s walk/wade or float fishing trips, anglers are sure to have a fantastic experience.

Trout’s Fly Fishing aims to ensure the satisfaction of its guests, and they have created a list of frequently asked questions to address any concerns or queries. Their dedication to providing a stress-free experience is commendable, and they are always available to help guests prepare for their day on the water.

The all-inclusive trip costs at Trout’s Fly Fishing make it convenient for guests. They provide everything needed for a day of fishing, except for fishing licenses and gratuities for the guide. This transparency in pricing is appreciated by anglers planning their trips.

Tipping guides is a common question, and Trout’s Fly Fishing provides valuable insight. They liken being a professional fly fishing guide to being in the service industry, like a waiter or waitress. A 20% tip is considered standard, and if the service exceeds expectations, a higher tip is always appreciated. This explanation allows guests to understand the guide’s perspective and the significance of tipping.

Clear communication is key when it comes to guided trips, and Trout’s Fly Fishing ensures that guests receive information from their guide no later than five days prior to the trip. This way, meeting locations and any last-minute details can be discussed and clarified.

Trout’s Fly Fishing also explains their cancellation policy, giving guests clear guidelines on refunds and rescheduling. The policy allows a full refund if a trip is canceled more than 21 days in advance. As the trip date approaches, the cancellation policy becomes stricter, but flexibility is still provided with the option to apply the proceeds towards a future guided trip. This policy shows the company’s understanding of unforeseen circumstances and their willingness to accommodate guests’ needs.

Transportation to and from the river is not included in the standard guide fee, but Trout’s Fly Fishing offers the option to add transportation for an additional fee. Guests have the choice to ride with the guide or follow them to the river. This flexibility allows guests to choose the most convenient option for their fishing trip.

Trout’s Fly Fishing encourages catch and release to help protect the fishery and preserve the resource. While trout may be tasty on the dinner table, their guided fly fishing trips are strictly catch and release. This commitment to conservation is important for sustaining healthy fish populations for future generations.

Trout’s Fly Fishing offers private water trips and public water trips, each with its own benefits. Private water trips provide exclusivity and less crowded fishing conditions, making it ideal for those seeking solitude and pristine environments. Public water trips, on the other hand, offer world-class fishing opportunities and the chance to learn how to fish local waters more effectively. Both options have their merits, and Trout’s Fly Fishing is happy to guide guests in choosing the best fit for their fishing goals.

For families looking to introduce their children to fly fishing, Trout’s Fly Fishing emphasizes the importance of fun. While they suggest that children under 10 years old may find it more challenging to handle a fly rod, they are open to further discussions to accommodate young anglers’ needs.

In terms of necessary gear, Trout’s Fly Fishing provides most of the fishing-related equipment for guests. However, they suggest bringing some additional items such as a hat, polarized sunglasses (or eye protection), a light rain jacket or extra layer, and socks for those wearing sandals or flip flops. Being prepared for changing weather conditions and having adequate protection is essential for an enjoyable fishing experience.

Trout’s Fly Fishing’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences, their attention to detail, and the expertise of their guides make them a trusted choice for anglers in Colorado. Whether it’s the Denver or Frisco location, Trout’s Fly Fishing strives to curate memorable days on the water, ensuring that every guest has an enjoyable and unforgettable fishing adventure.

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