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Opinions on the Best Fly Tying Videos


Fly tying is an art form that many anglers find fascinating and enjoyable. Not only does it provide a creative outlet, but it also allows fishermen to create custom flies that are highly effective in catching fish. One of the best resources for learning the craft of fly tying is through online videos. Among the many options available, we believe that the fly tying videos produced by Tightline Productions are the best in the world. We are grateful to have access to their collection of instructional videos on the Orvis Learning Center.

A Comprehensive Collection

Tightline Productions offers an extensive range of fly tying videos, covering various types of flies and techniques. The Orvis Learning Center has conveniently organized these videos into different sections, making it easy for beginners and experienced fly tyers alike to find the information they need. Whether you are interested in tying dry flies, emergers, nymphs, streamers, saltwater flies, bass flies, or salmon and steelhead patterns, Tightline Productions has you covered.

More than Just Instructions

What sets Tightline Productions’ fly tying videos apart is their commitment to providing more than just step-by-step instructions. Each video not only demonstrates how to tie a specific fly pattern but also provides valuable insights into entomology and fishing tips. Understanding the insects that fish feed on and how to present your fly convincingly can greatly enhance your chances of success on the water. Tightline Productions recognizes this and ensures that their videos are educational, informative, and entertaining.

Become a Better Fly Tyer

The fly tying technique section in the Orvis Learning Center is a treasure trove of helpful tips and tricks. Tightline Productions goes beyond teaching you how to tie specific flies and dives into the nuances of the craft. Whether it’s mastering advanced techniques, selecting the right materials, or using tools effectively, their videos provide the guidance you need to improve your fly tying skills. With practice and the insights gained from these videos, you can become a better, more proficient fly tyer.


In the world of fly tying videos, Tightline Productions stands out as the best. Their comprehensive collection covers a wide range of flies and techniques, making them suitable for tyers of all skill levels. What sets them apart are the additional elements they incorporate into their videos, such as entomology and fishing tips. With their help, you can not only learn how to tie flies but also become a more knowledgeable angler. Explore the Orvis Learning Center and discover the joys of fly tying through Tightline Productions’ exceptional videos. Happy tying!

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