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Fly Fishing Rod Manufacturers: Innovation and Quality

Fly fishing, an age-old pastime, has evolved over the years. From bamboo rods to graphite rods, slow action tapers to fast action rods, and traditional fly imitations to a variety of patterns, fly fishing has seen significant advancements. One crucial tool in fly fishing is the rod, and Trident has you covered with a diverse range of options from renowned manufacturers.

Over the years, the most popular rod manufacturers in the fly fishing industry have evolved. Orvis, a name familiar to many, has established itself as a top brand in the market. Sage, Scott, and Winston are also among the leading rod manufacturers, consistently driving innovation and producing high-quality rods that push the industry forward. However, at Trident, we not only carry products from these well-known brands but also offer rods from lesser-known companies such as Douglas, Loop, Mystic, and Thomas and Thomas.

Sage: Innovative and Powerful Rods

Sage Fly Rods are highly regarded in the industry, offering some of the most popular rods available today. Known for their contemporary innovation, Sage has introduced award-winning rod series such as the Sage Igniter and Sage X. These fast-action, high-performance rods are powerful, strong, and durable on the water. Sage’s extensive range includes spey rods, saltwater fly rods, and freshwater rods. If you haven’t experienced the Sage brand, we highly recommend casting one of their rods in the near future.

Orvis: Superb Craftsmanship and Versatility

Another heavyweight in the fly rod industry is Orvis. With a long-standing affiliation with the outdoors, fly fishing is a prominent part of the Orvis business. They consistently produce incredible fly rods renowned for their superb craftsmanship. The Orvis Helios series, Orvis Recon, and Orvis bamboo rods are among their major rod series. Orvis caters to all fishing conditions, offering high-end and mid-priced rods that are extremely popular among anglers.

Thomas and Thomas: Attention to Detail and Craftsmanship

The Thomas and Thomas (T&T) rod company, based in New England, is known for its top-notch saltwater fly rods that are preferred by anglers worldwide. However, T&T’s innovation extends beyond saltwater rods, with popular freshwater rods like the Avantt, the Contact, and the DNA Trout Spey and Spey rods. T&T has always prided itself on impeccable attention to detail and incredible craftsmanship, consistently producing some of the finest rods in the industry.

European Excellence with Hardy and Loop

Trident also offers fly rods from European manufacturers such as Hardy and Loop. Hardy fly rods, made in Alnwick, England, are renowned for their industry-leading Sintrix technology, resulting in exceptionally lightweight rods. Loop fly rods, known for rod series like the Cross S1 and Evotec Cast, are gaining popularity in the U.S market. Loop delivers industry-defining spey and switch rods that meet the highest standards of performance and quality.

The Versatility of Scott Fly Rods

Scott manufactures fly rods that are highly recognizable and widely acclaimed. Offering a wide variety of rod types, line weights, and styles, Scott caters to the preferences of different anglers. The Scott G series is particularly popular among freshwater anglers, while the Scott Sector stands as their flagship saltwater series. Known for their unsanded blanks and superior design, Scott also produces fiberglass rods, spey and switch rods, and much more.

A Plethora of Options for Every Angler

While the aforementioned manufacturers are prominent players in the industry, numerous other rod manufacturers exist. Fly fishing is a sport that relies on personal preference, and each angler has their own unique requirements when selecting a fly rod. At Trident, we understand this and proudly offer a comprehensive collection of fly rods from various manufacturers. Our renowned castability guarantee ensures that you find the perfect rod for your needs. Additionally, all fly rods qualify for free shipping on all U.S orders. When in the market for a new fly rod, look no further than Trident for an unmatched selection and exceptional service.

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