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Exploring the World of Fly Fishing with Landon Mayer

Premier Colorado Fly Fisherman Guide, Author, and Fly Designer


Colorado’s scenic beauty is often synonymous with outdoor adventures like fly fishing. Landon Mayer, a prolific writer, accomplished fisherman, and passionate conservationist, is a world-class fly fishing guide in the heart of this picturesque region. With his extensive knowledge of the local tailwaters and wildlife behavior, Mayer aims to help both experienced anglers and beginners enjoy successful and unforgettable fishing experiences. In addition to his guiding expertise, he also designs signature flies and has authored instructional books, making him a well-rounded figure in the world of fly fishing.

A Day on the Water with Landon Mayer

Mayer’s home tailwaters, known as “the Dream Stream,” offer a fulfilling fly fishing experience thanks to the abundance of large trout. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a complete novice, a day spent learning and fishing with Mayer amidst the stunning vistas of the Rocky Mountains is sure to be an unforgettable one. His commitment to helping his clients achieve the catch of a lifetime, regardless of the season, sets him apart as a premier Colorado fly fisherman guide. Mayer’s deep familiarity with the region’s rivers, both popular and hidden gems, guarantees a unique and successful fishing trip.

Signature Flies Crafted by Landon Mayer

Mayer’s expertise goes beyond guiding and extends to designing flies. As a royalty fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants, a renowned fly manufacturer, his handcrafted creations bring success to anglers across the country. Drawing inspiration from his experiences hunting and catching Colorado’s finest trout, Mayer’s fly designs, such as the Tails Up Trico, Titan Tube Midge, and Mayer’s Mysis, have proven to be effective even in the most challenging conditions. These battle-tested flies are a testament to his dedication to providing anglers with the best possible tools for their fishing endeavors.

Books and Articles by Landon Mayer

While spending time on the water is every angler’s dream, reality often calls for days spent closer to home. On those days, Mayer’s instructional books, such as “Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing” and “The Hunt for Giant Trout,” become invaluable resources. These books are not only filled with advanced techniques but also offer insightful tips gleaned from Mayer’s experiences fishing in the gold medal waters of the Colorado Rockies. For those seeking regular inspiration, Mayer’s writing can also be found in esteemed fly fishing publications like Field and Stream, High Country Angler, and Fly Fisherman.


Landon Mayer’s contributions to the world of fly fishing extend far beyond his skills as a guide. His passion for the sport, along with his commitment to conservation and sharing knowledge, has established him as a prominent figure in Colorado’s fly fishing scene. With his guiding expertise, handcrafted fly designs, and instructional books, Mayer has made it his mission to enhance the fly fishing experiences of anglers worldwide. Whether you are planning a trip to Colorado or simply looking to improve your fishing skills, Mayer’s guidance and expertise are worth exploring.

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