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The Evolution of Fly Fishing Flies: Quality and Affordability at Hill’s Discount Flies


Fly fishing is a timeless sport that has captivated anglers for generations. As technology and techniques continue to evolve, so too do the tools that enable anglers to reel in a prized catch. One essential component of any fly fishing arsenal is the fly itself. In this article, we explore the top-rated fly fishing flies for Colorado waters in 2023 and discuss the quality and affordability offered by Hill’s Discount Flies.

Unveiling the Popular Flies for Colorado Waters

Colorado, with its picturesque rivers and thriving fish populations, has become a fly fisherman’s paradise. Among the most popular flies specific to Colorado waters is the versatile Parachute Adams. This dry fly closely imitates a wide range of insects, making it an irresistible choice for trout and other fish species. Additionally, the caddis fly, resembling a tiny aquatic moth, reigns supreme as the top of the trout food chain in many rivers across the state.

Quality and Craftsmanship: Hill’s Discount Flies

For over two decades, Hill’s Discount Flies has been a trusted name in the fly fishing community. With a long-standing relationship with their tiers, who possess more than 20 years of experience, Hill’s ensures the quality and craftsmanship of their flies. Using top-notch Daiichi hooks and Whiting feathers, every fly in their collection is expertly tailored to provide optimal performance and longevity.

Affordable Options for Every Angler

While the quality of their flies speaks for itself, what truly sets Hill’s Discount Flies apart is their commitment to affordability. Rather than compromising on quality, Hill’s offers their extensive collection of over 800 patterns at prices that won’t break the bank. Anglers can fill their tackle boxes with a wide range of flies for a fraction of what big box stores charge, making fly fishing more accessible to all.

A Fly for Every Occasion

Whether you’re searching for dries, nymphs, streamers, or salmon flies, Hill’s Discount Flies has you covered. With their vast selection of fly patterns and various sizes available, finding the perfect fly for any fishing excursion is just a few clicks away. Additionally, Hill’s offers custom fly packages for anglers planning destination trips, ensuring that every angler’s unique needs are met.

Exceptional Service and Fast Shipping

At Hill’s Discount Flies, customer service is a top priority. They pride themselves on shipping all orders within 24 hours (except on Sundays) with a flat rate of $5.95 using USPS. For those planning last-minute trips or requiring priority delivery, Hill’s is flexible and offers alternative shipping options. Their dedication to efficient service ensures that anglers have their flies in hand when they need them most.

A Legacy of Passion for Fly Fishing

The story of Hill’s Discount Flies is one that exemplifies the merging of business and passion. Stemming from a love for fly fishing, Jim Hill founded the company in the late 1990s, importing flies from Kenya and selling them on auction sites. Later, a new tier was discovered in Sri Lanka, and Hill’s has remained loyal to them ever since. In 2006, Jim Hill’s son took over the company, transforming it into a fun and enjoyable venture that keeps the family’s passion alive.


As fly fishing continues to captivate anglers worldwide, having the right flies is crucial to success. Hill’s Discount Flies offers a wide range of high-quality flies at affordable prices, allowing anglers to fill their tackle boxes without emptying their wallets. With their extensive selection, dedication to craftsmanship, and exceptional service, Hill’s Discount Flies remains a reliable and valued destination for all fly fishing enthusiasts. From the iconic Parachute Adams to the versatile caddis fly, their collection caters to the diverse needs of anglers exploring the beautiful waters of Colorado.

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