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The Best Fly Fishing Locations in and Around Denver

Discover Hidden Gems for Fly Fishing in Denver

Denver, Colorado, is known for its stunning natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities. While many people flock to the city for its hiking, skiing, and mountain biking opportunities, Denver also offers excellent fly fishing spots that are often overlooked. Spring is the perfect time to grab your gear and explore these hidden gems that provide incredible angling opportunities. With longer and warmer days, plus the increased activity of insect larvae, the south Platte and other nearby waters become a haven for fly fishers, where rainbow, cutthroat, and brown fish begin to spawn.

10 Lesser-Known Fly Fishing Spots Near Denver

1. South Platte River, Downtown Denver: Experience the surreal feeling of fly fishing this quiet river right under the bridge at Florida Avenue in the heart of downtown Denver. Catch massive carp in this clear and clean water while surrounded by the bustling traffic on South Santa Fe Drive.

2. Eddy on the Northwest Side: Walk past the 6th Avenue bridge to the southern end of Phil Milstein Park in Denver to find this easily accessible spot. Anglers have reported success using weighted flies in deep holes and whitewaters in the area.

3. Waterton Canyon: A short walk from the parking lot, Waterton Canyon is a perfect spot for family fishing and hiking. Enjoy the ideal locations for fly fishing in this scenic canyon.

4. Goose Creek Arm Tailwaters: Considered one of the most unique and picturesque fisheries in the Rocky Mountain West, the Goose Creek Arm Tailwaters from the Cheesman Reservoir are abundant in bluegill, perch, bass, and trout.

5. Georgetown Lake: Located just a few minutes from Denver, Georgetown Lake is extremely easy to access. It is an ideal spot for family fishing trips and is popular for winter ice fishing.

6. Grand Lake: If you’re looking to catch brown, brook, and rainbow trout, Grand Lake is the place to be. This deep natural lake offers a great beach for kids and a marina that provides boat, raft, and canoe rentals.

7. Minturn Anglers: Stop by the Minturn Anglers fly shop in Denver to pick up any last-minute items you may need. Consult with their professional guides to learn which waters have been most productive recently. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, their guided fly fishing excursions will provide valuable pointers for a successful day on the water.

8. Private Fly Fishing Waters: Minturn Anglers also offers access to exclusive leases and ranches with private fly fishing waters. Among them, the McLaughlin Ranch provides high country stream and stillwater fly fishing, while the Rattlesnake Ranch offers one of the best fly fishing experiences in Colorado. For the best angling opportunities in the Denver area, explore Boxwood Gulch Ranch and Long Meadow Ranch.

Denver, often regarded for its urban attractions and outdoor adventure opportunities, also boasts some incredible fly fishing spots. It’s time to pull out your fishing gear and explore these lesser-known locations for an unforgettable angling experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the Mile High City, take advantage of Denver’s stunning natural surroundings and immerse yourself in the art of fly fishing.

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