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Opinions on the Latest Fishing Gear


The world of fishing gear is constantly evolving, with new products hitting the market every day. In this article, we will explore some of the latest fishing gear available and offer our opinions on their features and functionality.

New Reels from Abel

Abel reels have long been known for their quality and durability, and their latest offerings do not disappoint. With a range of models to choose from, including the SDF 5/6 Ported Northern Lights, Abel reels are a favorite among professional fishing guides. The attention to detail and precision engineering make these reels a reliable choice for any angler looking for high performance. The price tag may be steep, but the investment is worth it for the dedicated angler.

G Loomis Rods for Modern Freshwater Fishing

The G Loomis IMX-Pro series of rods are designed to meet the demands of modern freshwater fishing. With six purpose-driven designs to choose from, these rods are built to the unrelenting specifications of professional fishing guides. The IMX-Pro 5100-4 rod, in particular, stands out for its superior performance and versatility. It may be a bit pricey, but the quality and performance make it a worthwhile investment for serious anglers.

Sage ESN Reel for Euro-Nymph Anglers

The Sage ESN reel is specifically designed with the euro-nymph angler in mind. Packed with specialty features and fine-tuned to the nuances of the application, this reel is a must-have for those who prefer euro-nymphing. The price point is reasonable considering the reel’s quality and functionality. If euro-nymphing is your passion, the Sage ESN reel is a solid choice.

Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition Waders

For anglers in search of high-quality waders, the Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition waders are worth considering. These waders come with a waterproof front zipper and an adjustable quick-release suspender, allowing for easy conversion from chest height to waist height. The attention to detail and durability make these waders a reliable option for even the most demanding fishing conditions. However, the price may be a deterrent for some anglers on a budget.


With new fishing gear constantly hitting the market, anglers are spoiled for choice. In this article, we explored some of the latest gear available, including reels from Abel, rods from G Loomis, the Sage ESN reel, and the Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition waders. While these products may come with a higher price tag, the performance, durability, and attention to detail make them worthwhile investments for serious anglers. Whether you’re a professional fishing guide or a passionate angler, these products offer the features and functionality needed to enhance your fishing experience.

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