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Opinions on Soft Hackles in Fly Fishing

The Versatility of Soft Hackle Flies

Soft hackle flies have long been a go-to choice for fly fishermen due to their versatility and effectiveness. These flies, which feature a hackle that extends beyond the hook bend, mimic various insects when submerged in water. As a result, they attract a wide range of fish species and can be used in various fishing conditions.

The Importance of Soft Hackles in Colorado Fly Fishing

In Colorado, soft hackle flies are particularly popular and widely used. This is because Colorado offers a diverse range of fishing spots, from rivers to lakes, and soft hackle flies can be successfully used in all of these environments. Whether you’re fishing on the Colorado River or in the Boxwood Gulch Ranch, soft hackles are an excellent choice.

The Effectiveness of Soft Hackles

One of the reasons why soft hackle flies are so effective is their ability to imitate emerging insects. These flies are tied with various materials that create a lifelike appearance underwater, fooling fish into thinking they are real prey. Whether it’s a mayfly, caddisfly, or midge, soft hackles can mimic them all.

The Simplicity of Soft Hackle Flies

What makes soft hackles even more appealing is their simplicity. Unlike some other types of flies that require intricate tying techniques, soft hackles are relatively easy to tie. This makes them accessible to both beginner and experienced fly fishermen. Additionally, their simplicity allows for quick modifications or improvisations on the water, adapting to changing fishing conditions.


Soft hackle flies are an essential part of any fly fisherman’s tackle box, particularly in Colorado. Their versatility, effectiveness, and simplicity make them a top choice for anglers looking to have a successful fishing trip. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, it’s worth giving soft hackles a try. You might just find yourself landing your personal best catch using these wonderful flies.

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