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Opinions on Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Trip Rates

Planning a Successful Fly Fishing Trip in Colorado

Colorado is known for its breathtaking landscapes and its abundance of opportunities for outdoor activities. One popular activity among locals and tourists alike is fly fishing. However, before embarking on a fly fishing adventure in Colorado, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Obtaining a Valid Colorado Fishing License is Essential

All anglers must ensure they have a valid Colorado fishing license before heading out on their fishing trip. Obtaining a fishing license is a legal requirement enforced by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Thankfully, purchasing a fishing license has been made convenient and accessible, as individuals can now buy them online directly from the division’s website.

Price Packages and Inclusions

When planning a full-day guided fly fishing trip in Colorado, it is essential to consider the available packages. The full-day package typically includes rental equipment such as rods, reels, and waders, as well as terminal tackle, flies, beverages, lunch, and dessert. However, it is important to note that gratuity for the guide is not included, which usually amounts to around 20% of the trip cost. Additionally, if the fishing trip includes access to private waters, there may be additional access fees that are not included in the initial price.

Half-Day Fly Fishing Trips

For those looking for a shorter fishing excursion, half-day trips are available, providing approximately four hours of fishing time. Half-day trips can be scheduled for either the morning, afternoon, or evening, allowing anglers to choose the most convenient time for their fishing adventure. The price of a half-day trip generally includes beverages, terminal tackle, equipment such as rods, reels, and waders, flies, and a guide gratuity. However, similar to full-day trips, if private water access is involved, there may be additional fees.

Corporate or Group Fly Fishing Trips

For corporate groups or larger parties, Colorado offers all-inclusive corporate full-day guide trip packages. These packages typically include rental equipment, terminal tackle, beverages, lunch, and flies. In some cases, corporate clients may opt for fishing on private waters, which would incur additional rod fees. It’s important to note that corporate fly fishing trips must be paid in full in advance.

Understanding the Cancellation Policy

When planning any kind of fishing trip, it is crucial to be aware of the cancellation policy. Colorado Trout Hunters has a clear policy in place to protect both the company and the customers. Private water rod fees are billed at the time of booking and are strictly nonrefundable. Gift certificates are also nonrefundable, and a 50% deposit is required for trip reservations. Although the deposit is nonrefundable, it can be applied to a different trip within one year from the original booking date. Cancellations made from seven days prior to the trip until the day before will result in forfeiting the deposit. Cancellations or no-shows on the day of the trip will incur the full charge.

The Final Verdict

Colorado is undeniably a fantastic destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. With its stunning landscapes, abundant trout, and professional guiding services, anglers are sure to have a memorable experience. However, it is essential to thoroughly understand the pricing, inclusions, and cancellation policies before booking a trip. By being well-prepared and informed, individuals can maximize their enjoyment and ensure a successful fly fishing adventure in the beautiful state of Colorado.

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