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Exploring the Best Fly Fishing Waters in Colorado

The Beauty and Bounty of Colorado’s Fly Fishing

Colorado is home to some of the best fly fishing in the country, with its picturesque rivers and abundant trout populations. As an avid fly fisherman, my introduction to fly fishing in Colorado occurred during my college years. I was fortunate enough to land a summer job in the heart of some of the best trout fishing locations in the state. Seeing the magnificent trout swimming in rivers like the Gunnison and Taylor, and even catching a few myself, made it difficult for me to leave at the end of the summer.

If you’ve had the opportunity to fish in Colorado’s gold medal waters, you’ll understand why you might not want to go home either. The South Platte River, for example, offers meandering sections through meadows and rough canyon water, teeming with rainbow, cutthroat, cuttbow, and brown trout. The Denver area also provides incredible carp fishing opportunities, with its fantastic reservoirs. The entire South Platte River is worth exploring, from top to bottom, by wading anglers. However, if you prefer larger numbers of fish, Elevenmile Canyon is the place to go, while Deckers offers excellent fishing opportunities despite its popularity among anglers near Denver. During the summer, the Dream Stream section receives an influx of huge trout, making it the ideal destination for those seeking to catch a monster. The South Platte River also provides dry fly opportunities in the mornings for patient anglers during the tricos hatch.

Another top fly fishing spot in Colorado is the Frying Pan River. This small mountain trout stream becomes even more impressive once it enters the tailwater below Ruedi Reservoir. Mysis shrimp from the lake are flushed into the river, providing an abundant food source for the trout. The Frying Pan tailwater also presents exceptional hatches for dry fly enthusiasts, such as green dr

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