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Exploring the Best Fishing Spots Near Denver

The Mile High City: A Fishing Enthusiast’s Paradise

Colorado is renowned for its scenic beauty, offering outdoor enthusiasts a range of exhilarating activities. From biking and hiking trails to majestic peaks exceeding 14,000 feet in elevation, the state is a playground for adventure seekers. Additionally, Colorado boasts numerous world-class rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs, making it a haven for fishing enthusiasts. While the mountains are often associated with excellent fishing opportunities, Denver, the urban hub, offers its own share of fantastic fishing spots. Whether you’re a local looking to try your hand at fishing or a visitor eager to explore the mountain lakes and streams, check out these incredible trout and bass fishing spots near Denver.

1. Bear Creek Lake Park

Location: Lakewood, Colorado

Distance from Downtown Denver: 19 miles

Drive Time from Downtown Denver: 35 minutes

Fish: Trout, Bass, Bluegill, Perch

Highlights: Three lakes to choose from, beautiful foothill location, proximity to downtown

Bear Creek Lake Park, situated near Denver, is a top-notch fishing destination for those who prefer to stay close to the city. With three lakes to choose from, including Bear Creek Lake, Big Soda Lake, and Little Soda Lake, anglers are spoiled for choice. Bear Creek Lake specifically offers stocked rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, and saugeye, making it an ideal spot for trout and bass fishing. If you’re feeling competitive, make sure to visit during the spring to participate in the annual Bear Creek Lake Park trout fishing tournament.

2. Georgetown Lake

Location: Georgetown, Colorado

Distance from Downtown Denver: 44 miles

Drive Time from Downtown Denver: 50 minutes

Fish: Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Tiger Muskie

Highlights: A true mountain escape, excellent views, year-round trout fishing

Georgetown Lake, nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, offers an idyllic fishing experience. Located just off I-70 in Georgetown, this picturesque lake is surrounded by stunning views and allows non-motorized boats on its pristine waters. With excellent trout fishing year-round, anglers can immerse themselves in the changing beauty of the seasons while casting their lines. Keep an eye out for bighorn sheep, as Georgetown Lake also provides a unique opportunity for wildlife sightings.

3. Clear Creek

Location: Golden, Colorado

Distance from Downtown Denver: 16 miles (to the mouth of the canyon)

Drive Time from Downtown Denver: 22 minutes (to the mouth of the canyon)

Fish: Wild Brown Trout

Highlights: Easy access, beautiful canyon views, quick mountain escape

Clear Creek offers the perfect destination for fly fishing enthusiasts, particularly those in pursuit of easy access and proximity to Denver. While the creek flows through Golden, Colorado, it truly comes into its own as it meanders west into Clear Creek Canyon and ventures further into the mountains. The drive itself offers stunning vistas, and there are plenty of spots along the river to pause and savor the experience. As you venture deeper into the mountains, Clear Creek becomes increasingly scenic, and finding a spot to fish is never a challenge.

4. Waterton Canyon

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Distance from Downtown Denver: 27 miles

Drive Time from Downtown Denver: 1 hour

Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout

Highlights: Beautiful canyon escape, excellent fly fishing stream, proximity to Denver

Flowing through Waterton Canyon, the South Platte River offers a stunning and exciting destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. South of Denver, this picturesque canyon provides a serene environment for anglers seeking brown and rainbow trout. Aside from its exceptional fishing opportunities, Waterton Canyon also offers hiking and biking trails, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The scenic canyon views and potential wildlife sightings, such as bighorn sheep, add a touch of magic to an already unforgettable fishing experience.

5. Grand Lake

Location: Grand Lake, Colorado

Distance from Downtown Denver: 102 miles

Drive Time from Downtown Denver: 2 hours and 4 minutes

Fish: Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Mackinaw, Kokanee

Highlights: A true mountain getaway, incredible views, great trout fishing, proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park

For those seeking a true mountain escape, Grand Lake is the ultimate fishing destination. Located at the west entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake offers a serene getaway at an elevation of 8,369 feet. With its unparalleled trout fishing, surrounded by majestic mountains, hiking trails, and abundant wildlife, Grand Lake promises an unforgettable experience for anglers and their families. As you journey toward this mountain haven, be sure to explore the countless streams, ponds, and lakes that dot the landscape, offering even more opportunities to reel in trout.

6. Chatfield Reservoir

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Distance from Downtown Denver: 23.3 miles

Drive Time from Downtown Denver: 45 minutes

Fish: Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Trophy-size Walleye, Channel Cats, Smallmouth Bass, Gizzard Shad

Highlights: Variety of species, plentiful fishing areas

While Chatfield State Park offers a range of recreational activities, including camping and hiking, it is also a fantastic fishing spot. At Chatfield Reservoir, anglers can indulge in a variety of fish species, including rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, trophy-size walleye, channel cats, smallmouth bass, and even gizzard shad. Fishing from a boat is recommended, but shore fishing can also yield productive results. With ample fishing area and diverse fish species, Chatfield Reservoir is a must-visit spot for fishing enthusiasts seeking a versatile experience.

Denver Area Fishing: An Angler’s Delight

Denver, often known as the Mile High City, offers much more than just an urban landscape. With its proximity to breathtaking bodies of water, both residents and visitors can enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you seek an urban retreat or a high mountain lake, Denver provides the ideal launch point for fishing adventures. So grab your fishing gear, prepare to be awed by Colorado’s natural beauty, and embark on an unforgettable fishing journey near the Mile High City.

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