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Top Ten Fly Fishing Spots Near Denver

A Quick Cure from Politics: Fly Fishing in Denver’s Surroundings

Bear Creek between Morrison and Evergreen

If you’re in need of a break from the constant noise of political arguments and incriminating videos, fly fishing in the serene and picturesque Bear Creek is just what you need. With many pullouts along the river, you can easily find a spot away from the crowds. Explore the hidden gems of the area and enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes with fly fishing.

South Platte Two Forks

For a more adventurous fishing experience, head to South Platte Two Forks. Access the river via Foxton Road in Conifer and follow it until you reach the confluence. Whether you prefer downstream fishing towards Strontia Reservoir or upstream on both forks, you’ll find success with large stonefly patterns. This fishing spot offers a chance to unwind from politics and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

South Platte Waterton Canyon

Escape the noise of political campaigns by embarking on a walk or bike ride through South Platte Waterton Canyon. After a little effort, you’ll be rewarded with excellent fishing opportunities below the diversion dam. Take advantage of the growing population of browns and bows in this stretch of the river. Connecting with nature and enjoying the rising population of fish can bring a sense of relief from political chaos.

North Fork of South Platte Pine Valley Park

Just north of the town of Pine lies the beautiful Jeffco Park known as the North Fork of South Platte Pine Valley Park. With a stocked pond and a mile of river to explore, this spot allows you to immerse yourself in nature and leave politics behind. The best fishing happens when flows range from 25-75 cfs, so plan your visit accordingly.

Clear Creek in the Canyon

Travel west from Golden on Highway 6, and you’ll discover improved fishing opportunities in Clear Creek. Recent stream enhancements around Mayhem Gulch and upstream have created better fishing conditions. The newly paved bike trail provides easier access, making it a perfect spot to escape the noise of politics. Take advantage of lower flows for more accessible fishing.

Clear Creek along Interstate 70

Explore the public water areas along Clear Creek, where you can find peace away from the noise of the highway. Enjoy the serenity of the creek as it bends away from the main road, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle. With a healthy population of browns and bows, and even cutthroats in the upper reaches, you’ll find solace in the simplicity of fly fishing.

South Boulder Creek below Gross Reservoir

For an incredibly pretty fishing experience close to Boulder, hike down a fairly steep hill for about 1/3 mile to reach South Boulder Creek below Gross Reservoir. The wilderness atmosphere and proximity to Boulder make this fishery special. With miles of fishing available downstream into Walker Ranch Park, it’s the perfect opportunity to disconnect from politics and enjoy the beauty of nature.

South Boulder Creek in Eldorado Canyon Park

Just south of Boulder off Highway 93, you’ll find South Boulder Creek in Eldorado Canyon Park. This fishing spot requires a state parks pass for entry. While some sections may require boulder hopping, there are easier access points available. As you fish, take a moment to admire the rock climbers scaling the towering red sandstone cliffs above. Being surrounded by such incredible scenery allows you to forget about the political landscape for a while.

Middle Boulder Creek below Barker Reservoir

Head west from Boulder and up the canyon to discover Middle Boulder Creek below Barker Reservoir. Several pullouts are available, and the gradient becomes milder closer to the reservoir. Fishing in wider and flatter sections during higher flows and higher gradient sections during low flows is recommended. This fishing spot provides a much-needed break from politics and allows you to focus on the simple pleasure of fly fishing.

Fraser River between Winter Park and Fraser

Enjoy the willowy section of the Fraser River between Winter Park and Fraser. Following stream improvements a few years back, this area offers increased holding water for brook, brown, and rainbow trout. For the best experience, fish with low water levels, allowing you to walk up the riverbed and fully appreciate the beauty of this fishing spot. Disconnect from the political climate and reconnect with nature.

A Simple Escape: Fly Fishing for Relief

One of the joys of fishing these top ten fly fishing spots near Denver is that you don’t need an extensive arsenal of specific patterns. A few simple flies and a good drift are all you need to enjoy a successful fishing experience. Consider using parachute adams, elk hair caddis, stimulators, rainbow warriors, prince nymphs, san juan worms, pheasant tails, black beauties, and jujubee midges on your fishing trips.

Fishing: A Cure for Election Blues

Next time you’re tired of political arguments and the endless news cycle, consider fly fishing as a way to escape the noise. These nearby fly fishing spots offer an excellent opportunity to unwind and recharge. With their proximity to Denver, they are perfect for a half-day getaway. Embrace the tranquility of nature and experience the joy of hooking into some fun. If you want a guided trip to make the most of these spots, reach out to us for an adventure close to home.

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