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The Best Fishing Spots near Colorado Springs

Discovering the Hidden Gems for Anglers

Colorado Springs is not only known for its stunning mountain views and outdoor activities, but it also offers fantastic fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. If you find yourself in the Colorado Springs area with an uncompromising desire to fish, you’re in luck. Here are some of the best fishing spots near Colorado Springs that you should check out.

Arkansas River: A Paradise for Fly Fishing Enthusiasts

Located under an hour’s drive from Colorado Springs, the Arkansas River is a solid choice for anglers who don’t want to venture too far outside town. With sections of the river designated as “gold metal waters,” where an impressive 60 pounds of trout or more are produced per designated acre, this river offers stellar fishing opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced fly fisherman or a beginner, the Arkansas River has something for everyone. Head west of Royal Gorge Mountain Park for the best fishing experience.

Monument Lake: Ideal for Beginners and Family Fishing Trips

If you’re looking for a quick and easy fishing spot near Colorado Springs, Monument Lake is the perfect destination. Located just 30 minutes north of town in the city of Monument, this lake provides easily accessible shore fishing opportunities with a breathtaking view of the Front Range foothills. Recent reports state that Monument Lake has been stocked with rainbow trout, channel catfish, perch, bluegill, and largemouth bass. It’s an ideal place to introduce fishing to small kids and inexperienced adults.

Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir: A Wilderness Escape

For a more adventurous fishing experience, make your way to Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir, located about an hour southwest of Colorado Springs. The forested drive to this reservoir is as breathtaking as the fishing itself. Only artificial lures and flies are permitted here, but the effort is well worth it. This remote spot is home to rainbows, brook trout, and splake. Keep in mind that you’ll need to hike a half-mile with your gear to reach the reservoir, but the peacefulness and beauty of this spot make it worth the journey.

Pikes Peak South Slope Recreation Area: Scenic and Exciting Fishing Conditions

Although it requires a permit and an hour and 45-minute drive from Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak South Slope Recreation Area offers some of the most scenic and exciting fishing conditions in the area. Cutthroat trout enthusiasts will be particularly interested in Mason Reservoir, which is said to have an abundance of this species. This area’s high elevation and fishing season limited to late spring into fall make it an extraordinary fishing destination.

Fountain Creek: Urban Fishing at Its Finest

For a unique fishing experience without leaving the city, Fountain Creek is an excellent choice. While it runs straight into the city of Manitou Springs, it’s recommended to head up Highway 24 past Rainbow Falls for peace, quiet, and superior fishing conditions. Although it’s possible to cast straight from the parking lot of a local Taco Bell, we advise finding a more serene spot along the creek. Fountain Creek is an excellent way to scratch your fishing itch without venturing too far from Colorado Springs.

Pikes Peak North Slope Recreation Area: Abundance of Fish in Scenic Reservoirs

Boasting three sizable and picturesque bodies of water, the Pikes Peak North Slope Recreation Area is rumored to be overflowing with rainbow, greenback cutthroat, and brook trout. You can try your luck with shore fishing, but for the best experience, access the deeper parts of the reservoirs with a kayak, canoe, or paddle boat. While this destination is easier to access than its South Slope counterpart, it tends to be busier. Popular lakes in the area include Crystal Creek Reservoir, South Catamount Reservoir, and North Catamount Reservoir.

Quail Lake Park: A Surprisingly Pleasant Suburban Fishing Spot

Located in southern Colorado Springs near I-25, Quail Lake Park is a popular suburban fishing spot that offers pleasant surprises. Whether you prefer trout or large carp, this lake has something to offer. It’s ideal for kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats, making it a perfect spot for family outings or a quick fishing session during your lunch break. Keep in mind that the nearby interstate may create some background noise and crowds during the summer months.

Skaguay Reservoir: Beautiful Scenery and Uncrowded Fishing

While Skaguay Reservoir is a bit of a drive from Colorado Springs, it’s a destination that anglers shouldn’t miss. Located an hour and 45 minutes away, this reservoir offers dispersed camping, ice fishing, non-motorized boating, and excellent shore fishing. The steep mountain terrain that falls between the reservoir and the city creates a stunning backdrop and provides uncrowded fishing conditions. Visitors are rewarded with stellar fall foliage, making it the perfect spot for autumn fishing enthusiasts.

Rampart Reservoir Recreation Area: A Versatile Fishing Experience

Situated an hour outside of Colorado Springs near Woodland Park, the Rampart Reservoir Recreation Area is a popular destination for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It offers opportunities for lake, pond, river, and winter ice fishing. The reservoirs and ponds in the area are stocked with trout, making it a haven for both shore and non-motorized boat anglers. In addition to fishing, visitors can enjoy hiking trails, rock climbing, horseback riding, and various winter activities.

When it comes to fishing, Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas have a lot to offer. From scenic rivers and remote reservoirs to urban fishing spots, there’s something for every angler’s preferences. Before embarking on your fishing adventure, be sure to familiarize yourself with local rules and regulations regarding flies, lures, bait, catch-and-release policies, and fish limits. And if you’re looking for even more fishing spots, consider exploring the nearby fishing spots near Pueblo. Good luck and enjoy your fishing excursions!

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