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The Best Fishing Location in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for its abundant waterways and fishing opportunities, making it a haven for anglers looking to target a variety of fish. Among the many fishing locations in the state, one stands out as the best: the Chippewa Flowage in St. Germain, Wisconsin.

The Chippewa Flowage is a 15,300-acre waterway that offers endless fishing opportunities year-round, making it easy to see why it’s one of Wisconsin’s top fishing spots. The location offers a variety of fish for anglers to target, including walleye, bass, crappie, and trophy musky.

For anglers looking to catch trophy-sized fish, the Chippewa Flowage is the perfect location. The waterway is known for its top trout waters, making it a popular spot for trout fishermen. Additionally, the location is home to some of the best spots for shore fishing.

The best time to visit the Chippewa Flowage for fishing depends on what fish you are targeting. The best times to catch walleye and bass are from May to October, while the late summer and early fall (September and October) are ideal for trophy musky. Anglers can also find great crappie fishing on the flowage during the months of June through October.

Fishing the Chippewa Flowage is easy and enjoyable for anglers of all skill levels. The waterway is also easy to navigate, with its mile after mile of scenic shorelines and floating bogs. For anglers looking to stay in the area, St. Germain has several towns to visit, as well as lodging options from cabins to resorts.

If you’re looking to book a fishing trip to the Chippewa Flowage, the best company to go through is St. Germain Lodge & Resort. They offer fishing guides for anglers of all skill levels, as well as boat rentals and equipment rentals. To book a fishing trip, visit their website at

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best fishing location in Wisconsin, look no further than the Chippewa Flowage. Its abundance of fish species, shore fishing opportunities, and easy navigation make it the perfect spot for anglers of all skill levels. Book a fishing trip with St. Germain Lodge & Resort and enjoy the beauty of Wisconsin’s waterways.

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